I’ve had the pleasure to live in more than my share of wonderful homes. Each with its own personality.  Each with its own sense of purpose and time.

From a cozy newlywed cottage, to an endless stream of sprawling, crazy-busy, kid-centered homes that followed. Some renovated, some built from the ground up and others, merely decorated within an inch of their lives. Each and every one made to feel warm and loving, created to nurture our family through life’s many stages.

And my Phase Three Home is no exception.

Around your late forties-early fifties it begins: It's the big change-up. Your 24/7 family  starts to head separate directions. Kids move forward into their own lives. Your family dynamic changes. And so does your home. In a heartbeat, it lives differently. There's a new feel and vibe. Face it: You’ve graduated to the next stage of  your lives.  And your house will forever take on a completely new persona.

It’s now a Phase Three Home.

Lucky for us, today’s Phase Three Home is anything but your mother’s empty nest.  Far from it.

It’s a fresh new approach to family and lifestyle, tailor-made to suit the ever-changing needs of your ever-changing life.  It’s the ideal place for two, but can morph to accommodate teenagers, college kids back for a summer, kids who really don’t live there but visit often enough to feel like they do.  Not to mention the entourage of friends, extended family, grandkids and dogs.

It’s your current space, renovated. It’s a newly built home. It’s in your neighborhood, across the country or an adventurous new spot in the city.  It’s anything your want it to be. Phase Three is a fresh start. Why not let your home show it?

Come explore all the exciting, innovative new ways today’s families are redefining their space and creating the Phase Three Homes of their dreams.

The Phase Three Home:  Design, décor and inspiration for the next stage of your life!